EQ Magazine by Emily Bunn

A coastal haven for yachtsmen and travelers with turquoise waters and white sand as far as the eye can see, Elizabeth Island in the Bahamas is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Located just minutes from Great Exuma – and within 130 nautical miles of more than 365 cays and other islands – the island is centrally located while remaining private and exclusive. In recent years, the population of the larger Exuma Island has doubled, indicating the rise of Caribbean tourism and resort property development.

Elizabeth Island is sooner to face further expansion, specifically related to hospitality. Just 18% of the island’s total land area is soon to undergo development, leaving the vast majority of the island’s sprawling, lush habitat undisturbed. Silent-Resorts and EcoIsland Development (the nexus of Equity ResidencesElite Alliance, and Silent-Resorts) are coming together to create the world’s first fully-sustainable, zero-carbon, solar-powered yacht and residence club – Club Ki’ama Bahamas.

Silent-Resorts’ CEO, Victor Barrett, spoke with EQ Magazine about why he chose to open this property in the Bahamas, “Elizabeth Island is a pristine location with an excellent marina that is considered a natural ‘hurricane hole.’ Also, the island is within a national marine park, and has high elevations and 6 beautiful beaches.” This plush playground for adults will feature everything guests may need for fun in the sun. Club Ki’ama Bahamas will function as a lifetime co-ownership model for members, combining a share of 16 four-bedroom, solar-powered oceanfront residential properties with a fleet of eight 62- or 80-foot solar-powered Trideck Silent-Yachts, a beach club, and the Silent Marina.