Building, Operating,
Boating & Sharing

The Club Ki’ama Bahamas team cordially invites you to join us in a groundbreaking initiative – the creation of the world’s first fully sustainable, solar-powered yacht and residence club. We are proud to announce that our community will be eliminating 100% of carbon emissions from development, operations, and boating. By doing so, we are taking a bold step towards mitigating the environmental impact of luxury vacation home ownership, and leading the charge in sustainable tourism. As an owner in our community, you can revel in the knowledge that your decision to invest in our project is not only an investment in your own comfort and relaxation, but also in the future of our planet.

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Ki’ama Bahamas Project
by EcoIsland Elizabeth Limited Elizabeth Island, Great Exuma

Public Consultation Report for the Ki’ama Bahamas Project
Prepared by Russell Craig & Associates


Ki’ama Bahamas will impose the least environmental impact of any development in the Caribbean.

• More than 80% of Ki’ama Bahamas land will be left as natural habitat
• All mangrove and shoreline habitats will be preserved
• All structures utilize our handcrafted, pre-engineered building system

◦ Utilizes sustainably harvested hardwood timber
◦ Near-zero construction waste
◦ Zero foundation excavation or fill
◦ Minimal use of concrete
◦ Residence and beach club pools are made from recycled shipping containers



Ki’ama Bahamas is the world’s first community to utilize an all-electric fleet of luxury yachts, water shuttles, and day boats.

• Silent Yachts

◦ 100% solar powered
◦ Produce zero emissions
◦ Unlimited range
◦ Require almost no maintenance

• XShore boats

◦ Used for owner-day excursions and George Town shuttles
◦ Totally electric & recharged from solar power
◦ Produce zero emissions
◦ Hulls made of recycled materials & functional cock decks
◦ Integrated Sea Labs that collect real-time environmental data from the waters surrounding Ki’ama Bahamas



Club Ki’ama Bahamas:

◦ Satisfies more families with fewer homes
◦ Eliminates the “waste” of luxury vacation homes that sit empty most of the year
◦ Allows like-minded owners to share in the enjoyment, acquisition cost and operating expenses
◦ Creates vibrancy and comradery within the community

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Club Ki'ama Residence Ownership
Starting at $425,000