Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Ki’ama?

Club Ki’ama is a private equity club in which like-minded families share ownership of island property, luxurious solar-powered residences, state-of-the-art, solar-powered yachts, beach club facilities, and electric day boats. Club owners lodge in their meticulously appointed residences and/or luxurious yachts during each of their frequent and flexible vacations. You enjoy an idyllic Caribbean lifestyle while your professional staff ensures worry-free ownership and hassle-free vacations. 

What are the advantages of Club Ki’ama ownership?

Club Ki’ama owners share ownership via their membership in EcoIsland Bahamas U.S. Holdings, LLC, which owns the land, residences and yachts and island improvements. Your Club Ki’ama ownership can be sold, willed or transferred like any other form of real estate ownership. 

How many owners will share each residence or yacht?

There are 30 owners for every two residences and one yacht. This allows for frequent, flexible, and worry-free vacations throughout the year. If all Owners use the residences and yachts equally, each will enjoy approximately five weeks of extraordinary vacations each year. If some owners take fewer vacations, others can take more.

Have similar developments been offered in other prestigious destinations?

Yes and no. A member of the Ki’ama development team pioneered the residence club concept (luxury fractional real estate ownership) more than 30 years ago at top-rated Deer Valley Resort, in Park City, Utah. Since that time, residence clubs have been enthusiastically embraced by affluent buyers at premier resorts such as: Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Deer Valley, Utah; Palm Springs, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, and San Francisco, California; Manhattan; Tucker’s Town and Southampton, Bermuda; Los Cabos and Huatulco, Mexico; Florence, Italy; the Tuscan countryside; and many other coveted destinations. Several companies offer fractional ownership of fossil-fuel yachts. Ki’ama is the first to combine the two dream-vacation components – waterfront residences and stylish yachts – and also the first to offer shared ownership of a private island, solar-powered residences, and solar-powered yachts. 

As a Club owner, how often can I vacation at Ki’ama?

As often as you wish, subject to Club Ki’ama’s reservations policies and availability. Owners have the flexibility of reserving a Planned Vacations well in advance and also visiting on a space-available basis.  Each year, owners may reserve 21 days of Planned Vacations prior to the start of the Vacation Year. This leaves abundant occupancy for additional Space Available residence vacations during the year. A minimum of 10 Yacht Days are available to each owner each year. There is no limit on use of the residences and yachts. If some owners use them less, others can enjoy them more.  

Can I reside in a Club residence and enjoy a yacht cruise during the same vacation?

Yes. Club Ki’ama was designed to combine the ultimate Caribbean experiences – lodging in a magnificent waterfront residence and cruising on a luxurious, crewed yacht – during the same vacation.

Are all the yachts the same?

Club Ki’ama owners can choose either a Silent 62 or a Silent 80 as the yacht class in which they have cruise privileges. 

What if the number of owners wishing to stay in a Club Ki’ama residence or yacht during the same dates exceeds the number of residences and/or yachts available?

Club Ki’ama is designed to equitably allocate residence and yacht vacations when demand may exceed supply. A rotating priority system® ensures all owners have equal access to the most-requested dates over the years. This system has proved fair and equitable for more than 30 years.

Can I send guests to enjoy my Club Ki’ama vacations?

Yes. As with any vacation home or personally-owned yacht, owners may invite unaccompanied guests to use any of their confirmed vacations without a guest fee.

Can I simultaneously reserve more than one residence for the same dates to host a large gathering of family and friends?

Yes, subject to availability. 

Can I exchange Club Ki'ama lodging privileges with owners of other luxury resort properties?

Yes. Ki’ama has been selected to participate in the prestigious Elite AllianceSM exchange program ( An Elite Alliance membership is included with your Club Ki’ama ownership. It provides vacation exchange privileges with owners at an expanding family of prestigious properties in premier international destinations. Future Club Ki’ama developments planned for other exotic island locations will also be part of this family. 

Can Club Ki’ama owners rent their vacation time?

Yes, owners may make confirmed Planned Vacations (see Reservation Privileges) available for rent through the Club Ki’ama management company at rates established by the management company.  

Do owners pay any lodging fees or yacht charter fees when they vacation at Club Ki’ama?


Do Club Ki’ama owners pay annual fees?

Yes. The comprehensive annual fees pay for the professional management and operation of Club Ki’ama. Included in these annual fees are funds for residence, yacht and day boat maintenance, staff salaries, insurance, property tax, housekeeping, supplies, trash removal, legal/accounting, utilities, professional management fee, landscaping, tropical storm preparation, and reserves for scheduled maintenance and replacement of residence furnishings, appliances, yachts and day boats. These fees are a fraction of the all-in costs associated with traditional luxury vacation home, yacht and boat ownership. Because you own SILENT-YACHTS, the expense of diesel engine repair and maintenance is eliminated. The difference between your annual fees and the retail value of your residence and yacht vacations (plus yacht fuel savings) represents a significant annual return on your Club Ki’ama purchase price.

Do owners pay housekeeping fees when they vacation at Club Ki’ama?

Yes. The housekeeping fee paid upon departure covers the cost of a daily tidy in the residences and a complete cleaning to prepare the residences and yachts for the next arriving owner. 

How long will Club Ki’ama own the yachts and how will they be replaced?

SILENT-YACHTS are truly remarkable vessels. Because they have no internal combustion engines or generators, SILENT-YACHTS have a useful life span of many decades and they will hold their value much longer than conventionally powered yachts. Club Ki’ama will acquire new replacement yachts every 20 years. The difference between the cost of the new yachts and the resale value of the retired yachts will be covered by a portion of the Club Ki’ama reserve account. Each owner will contribute to this account every year as part of the annual fees. This will maintain the value of your Ki’ama ownership. Also, there are no fuel costs for your yacht explorations, eliminating a major, ongoing expense.

Who establishes the fees and controls the affairs of Club Ki’ama?

An owner-elected Board of Directors approves the annual budget and fees formulated by a professional management company.  

Who created Club Ki’ama?

Ki’ama Bahamas is the first in a planned collection of sustainable tropical developments that embrace and employ SILENT-RESORTS’ principles and technology. Club Ki’ama was created by a team of real estate, architectural design, land planning, conservation, financial, and marketing professionals who have extensive experience in luxury fractional ownership, finance, and resort design and development. Our team benefits from valuable and ongoing support from SILENT-YACHTS executives.


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Club Ki'ama Ownership
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