The Tribune November 14, 2022

Zero Carbon Project

A $73m investment is aiming to attract 36,000 guests per year…

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New York Times November 04, 2022

Sustainable Getaways

The New York Times by Michael Croley For years, ecotourism…

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Islands Magazine October 31, 2022

Affordable Eco-friendly Private Island Experience

Islands Magazine by Beth Graham Imagine stepping outside of a…

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Forbes Magazine October 24, 2022

Resort Homes Not On The Water, But In It

Forbes Magazine by Jeffrey Steele As long as real estate…

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Robb Report September 27, 2022

Eco-Friendly Residences with Solar-Powered Yachts

Robb Report by Dana Givens Why choose between a luxury…

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Yahoo Finance September 15, 2022

Is Fractional Ownership A Good Alternative?

Yahoo Finance by Margaret Jackson Real estate is a great…

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Globetrender July 14, 2022

Zero-Carbon, Solar-Powered Yachting in Bahamas

Globetrender by Jenny Southan Club Ki’ama Bahamas by Silent Resorts…

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Dwell Magazine July 01, 2022

Carbon-Negative Life on Private Island

Dwell Magazine by Luxury Design Standing among 36 acres of…

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Sherpa Report June 29, 2022

Co-Ownership Residence & Yacht Club

Sherpa Report by Nick Copley An experienced development team is…

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EQ Magazine June 08, 2022

Boater’s Beachy Bliss: Silent-Resort’s Club Ki’ama

EQ Magazine by Emily Bunn A coastal haven for yachtsmen…

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The Peak Magazine May 28, 2022

Be a Member of this Luxe Eco-Island

The Peak Magazine by Kenneth Lee Picture the scene: an…

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Architects + Artisans May 25, 2022

Totally Sustainable Residences

Architects + Artisans by Michael Welton On a small island…

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