Forbes Magazine by Jeffrey Steele

As long as real estate has existed, countless well-heeled home buyers have sought waterfront real estate facing oceans, lakes, rivers and more. New ways to get close to the water continue to emerge, including pod-like domiciles raised above the ocean blue, sea-faring homes and residences that come complete with solar-powered yachts.

Read on to learn of fresh approaches to waterfront living in a quartet of developments.

Solar-Powered Life

Earth’s first 100% solar-powered, fully sustainable carbon-neutral private island yacht and residence club is available at Ki’ama Bahamas, on the Bahamas’ Elizabeth Island. The residential resort club offers 16 four-bedroom “Club” residences, each with 5,900 square feet in which to stretch out, as well as 8 six-bedroom estate homes, a fleet of solar-powered and crewed yachts, electric day boats, a beach club, spa and restaurant.