By: L-J Andrew

A remarkable new, eco-friendly yacht and Residence Club located within an enclave on a private island in Elizabeth Harbour, Club Ki’ama Bahamas represents a one-of-a-kind offering. Combining luxurious solar-powered, waterfront homes with a fleet of solar-powered and crewed yachts, the resort also boasts electric day boats, a beach club, spa and restaurant.

The name ‘Ki’ama’, is derived from the Arawakan language spoken by the original inhabitants of the Caribbean islands. It brings together ‘earth spirit’ and ‘water’ to perfectly capture the ethos of this private-island community.

Combining land and sea adventures, Club Ki’ama is home to a fleet of eight crewed, fully catered, solar-powered SILENT-YACHTS available to owners. These remarkable 62 to 80 foot luxury catamarans eliminate the major drawbacks of traditional yachts – the environmental impact and noise of fossil fuel engines, high operating costs and expensive maintenance – without diminishing the pleasures that make yachting one of the ultimate vacation experiences. Allowing the exploration of 365 cays and islands spread over 130 nautical miles in a sustainable manner with unlimited range.

Completely self-contained, 100% solar, when docked at the island, SILENT-YACHTS and the Solar Residences structures ‘talk’ to each other in a proprietary power-sharing system.

“Club Ki’ama represents the future for sustainable residential and resort development,” says Steve Dering, EcoIsland Development partner and global pioneer of the residence club co-ownership model. “It’s incumbent on us to protect Elizabeth Island’s ecologically sensitive environment, while thoughtfully creating comfortable spaces where owners and their guests can enjoy the best of the Bahamas.”

The Ki’ama Bahamas community, Club residences and facilities were designed by Silent Resorts CEO and founder Victor Barrett. The single-storey Club residences are constructed using linear designs that complement the natural topography of the island. They feature 10 to 12 foot ceilings for enhanced ventilation and light, ‘living roof ’ landscape systems, solar panels and structural timber frames designed to withstand the local environment. Club Ki’ama also featurers 16 four-bedroom residences allowing owners to enjoy a minimum of five weeks of vacation annually, including 10 yacht days and have additional use, subject to reservation policies and availability.

The eco-conscious island sanctuary will also feature the oceanfront Ki’ama Beach Club, Spa and Restaurant. As the centrepiece of the community, the Beach Club construction will utilise the highest quality natural fabrics, bamboo and timber with very little impact on the environment.

Across the board, this sparkling heaven will serve as a worldwide example of a sustainable development. In addition to its environmentally friendly energy, water and building systems, only 18% of the total land area will be developed, leaving most of the Ki’ama property undisturbed and left in its natural habitat.

“We’re hopeful that our first-of-its-kind club and community will set the standard for eco-conscious development around the world,” Steve concludes.