Live Fully. Tread Lightly. Share Sustainably.


A Lifestyle Designed
With All Due Respect

Club Ki’ama is where luxury, relaxation, rejuvenation, wellbeing, sustainability, and the sharing economy come together naturally. It provides the many benefits of co-owning tropically elegant, solar-powered, waterfront residences and sleek, crewed, solar-powered yachts. As a Club Ki’ama owner, you enjoy five weeks or more of flexible and carefree land and sea adventures throughout the year. Your family, friends and guests receive attentive personalized service from your Club staff during each seamless private island escape. Your only ownership responsibility is deciding when to return to your private paradise for another amazing land and sea vacation.

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Club Residences

Respect for the Land – Club Ki’ama matches ownership price and annual expense with personal use. Because like-minded owners share the enjoyment of all Club residences, fewer residences and less land are required to satisfy more families. As with all Ki’ama structures, the Club residences are designed, built, and assembled to minimize impact on the island. Excavation is avoided. The homes and Beach Club are placed above the ground on piers. Your private residence and beach club amenities are built from sustainably harvested and recycled hardwood timber, recyclable steel, aluminum, and glass, complemented by natural-fiber upholstery and wood furnishings.

Club Residences

Club Yachts

Respect for the Water – Your Club Ki’ama ownership includes a fleet of crewed, fully catered, solar-powered SILENT-YACHTS. These remarkable vessels eliminate the major drawbacks of traditional yachts, including the environmental impacts, without sacrificing the luxury that makes yachting one of the ultimate vacation experiences. Explore 365 cays and islands spread over 130 nautical miles in a sustainable manner with unlimited range, comforted by the knowledge that you have eliminated the expense, sound, and pollution of harmful diesel engines. Additionally, shorter excursions are available aboard your Club’s X Shore all-electric day boats.

Club Yachts

Beach Club

Respect for the Air – Remarkably, the Beach Club, Club Residences and Estate Residences are all carbon negative. All electrical power for Club Ki’ama residences and its yachts is sourced from the sun. The sustainably harvested and recycled Belizean hardwood timber used for construction has removed thousands of tons of carbon from the air. The new trees that are grown to replace the harvested trees will absorb more. Sustainable management of our forests is the optimal method for removing carbon from the air.

Elite Alliance

Respect for Your Wanderlust – Club Ki’ama Bahamas is your proprietary paradise. However, if you should have the urge to discover other exotic and exciting locales, Club ownership is also your passport to vacations at more than 120 other prestigious destinations worldwide. Membership in the prestigious Elite Alliance Exchange program is one of your many Club Ki’ama benefits.



Respect for Your Balance – As with any vacation property, investment in Club Ki’ama is twofold. There is the economic return, both annual and long-term, and the very real lifestyle rewards afforded by the elegant homes, sleek yachts, personalized services, exchange opportunities, and lifelong memories. Ownership in Club Ki’ama is conveyed through shares of EcoIsland Bahamas Holdings Ltd., which holds debt-free title to the land, carbon-negative residences, solar-powered yacht fleet, and all other Ki’ama facilities and improvements.


Club Ki'ama Ownership
Starting at $525,000